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This section includes the NATA Accreditation Criteria together with other informative documents for each field or program of accreditation. A copy of these documents for each field or program in which accreditation is held or being sought must be readily available to staff working in a NATA accredited or applicant facility

The following documents are available:
NATA Accreditation Criteria

  • NATA Rules
  • Relevant NATA Policy and Technical Circulars
  • Relevant conformity assessment standards
  • Relevant Standard Application Documents
  • Relevant ISO/IEC 17025 Field and Program Application Document and associated annex/s (where applicable)

Some fields/programs have additional documents that also form part of the accreditation requirements which are referenced in the relevant standard, field or program application document or annex.

Aa number of informative/guidance documents are also available under the NATA Accreditation Guidance and Information tab including:

  • NATA Procedures for Accreditation (which summarises NATA's procedures for accreditation and includes an overview of assessment activities and NATA's responsibilities).
  • Checklists, worksheets and site notification forms
  • General Technical Notes and Information Papers providing specific guidance with respect to a particular field/programs or classes of test.
  • Equipment Calibration and Checks
  • The General Equipment and Reference Equipment Tables will include guidance on equipment calibration and checking intervals. Technical Notes related to equipment are also included in this section.
  • Proficiency Testing Guidance and Information
  • Uncertainty of Measurement/Traceability Including worked MU examples.
Home Accreditation Publications