As part of our commitment to continuous improvement we value your feedback, both positive and negative. Your feedback will ensure that we continue to perform well in those areas where our service meets your expectations. It will also help us improve in those areas you identify as needing attention.

We have three surveys available for completion at any time.

Individual surveys will remain confidential. Please note that whilst completion of facility information is optional, without this information no specific response can be provided.

Responses to surveys will not normally be provided on an individual basis. However, reports based on accumulated survey data will be published periodically. If, in reviewing responses to an individual survey, we determine that an issue should be escalated to a complaint we will do so if contact details have been provided.

If you wish to lodge a complaint rather than complete a survey, please fill in the Complaint Form.

A program of targeted surveys relating to post assessment activities has also commenced. After most post assessment work, NATA now distributes directly to clients a survey specific to the post activities.