Role and Code of Conduct for Members’ Representatives

Role of Members’ Representatives

  • represent to NATA all members in their region;
  • act as a two way conduit for information supporting NATA as an association of members;
  • work with NATA to facilitate engagement forums with members;
  • inform NATA management of any matters of which regional members have made the Members’ Representative aware;
  • may act as an alternative interface between members and NATA where anonymity is requested;
  • be actively involved in relevant members’ fora;
  • attend Members’ Representatives Committee meetings;
  • provide support and guidance to fellow members by acting as a sounding board.

Code of Conduct for Members’ Representatives

  • act in the best interests of NATA members and NATA;
  • maintain confidentiality and comply with NATA’s Privacy Policy;
  • declare any or potential conflict of interest;
  • endeavour to attend and participate at all meetings;
  • provide timely advice and feedback to members;
  • act in a collegiate manner