Terms of Reference for Member Representatives

  • represent their constituents to NATA and NATA to their constituents;
  • act as a consultative body to NATA’s Board and management with regard to issues of concern to members;
  • act in the best interests of NATA and NATA members;
  • act as a two way conduit for information supporting NATA as an association of members;
  • work with NATA to facilitate engagement forums with members within their sphere of influence;
  • collaborate with other Member Representatives to achieve decision making by consensus;
  • relay to NATA management any specific problems of which State/Territory members have made the members’ representative aware, relating to NATA’s accreditation activities or those of NATA’s accredited facilities;
  • act in an 'ombudsman' role - an interface between members and NATA when members have problems they wish NATA to address but wish to protect their confidentiality.